About Trading Ichimoku

Trading Ichimoku is where I post my thoughts and studies of the stock markets.

Through this site, I hope it will allow me to articulate clearly why I enter (or exit) a trade. It serves as a feedback to myself.

If I am able to articulate my entries and exits clearly, chances are my thoughts process is in place and I have given the risk-reward some thoughts.

So, who am I?

i-am-802. That’s the nickname I use in the investment, trading forum ( Huatopedia… now known as InvestIdeas ); to be exact the nickname is ‘iam802’

I trade the US markets,  and uses the Ichimoku charting system.

Trading Philosophy

I am mainly a trend trader and rely on the Ichimoku charts (to determine trends) with Stochastics indicator (to determine entry and exit points) .

I also rely on options to migitate my risks and this is one area where my trading systems is not in place yet.

5 thoughts on “About Trading Ichimoku”

  1. Hi & sure would like to meet some Forex trading folks who know and use the Ichimohu Indicator/strategies. I just bought Patel’s book about same. Please contact me at marathon.7@hotmail.com or (909) 262-6380. Thanks – Larry

  2. Thanks for the response and email. My trading is OK but not 100% confident about trading larger than the micro accounts. Still trying to get a more solid handle on Ichimoku and trying to digest and implement both Patel and Lintons works on Ichi.

    Anyone doing anything exciting in regards with integration of Ichi with candlesticks and/or Point and Figure strategies? Larry Hoover marathon.7@hotmail.com

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