About Trading Ichimoku

Trading Ichimoku is where I post my thoughts and studies of the stock markets.

Through this site, I hope it will allow me to articulate clearly why I enter (or exit) a trade. It serves as a feedback to myself.

If I am able to articulate my entries and exits clearly, chances are my thoughts process is in place and I have given the risk-reward some thoughts.

So, who am I?

i-am-802. That’s the nickname I use in the investment, trading forum ( Huatopedia… now known as InvestIdeas ); to be exact the nickname is ‘iam802′

I trade the US markets,  and uses the Ichimoku charting system.

Trading Philosophy

I am mainly a trend trader and rely on the Ichimoku charts (to determine trends) with Stochastics indicator (to determine entry and exit points) .

I also rely on options to migitate my risks and this is one area where my trading systems is not in place yet.