$EURUSD (EUR/USD) . Kumo resistance

EUR/USD has rebounded off the kumo support at around 1.305

Right now it is trading right at the resistance level as shown by the kumo around 1.3187

I think this is a fairly good setup for a short for the following reason:

1. We have a bearish cross from the Tenkan sen and Kijun some time back.

2. It is trading right at the kumo resistance level

3. The leading kumo has twist and suggest that the trend forward is down.

Target time frame to break kumo support is around 2 weeks (by May 10)

$EURUSD . Failed kumo breakout

We can see from the Ichimoku chart for EUR/USD that EUR failed to breakout of the kumo successfully.

Having rebounded off the kumo support at around 1.305, I am betting that it will drop from 1.318 and pierce through the kumo support below.

$EURUSD . Short setup?

Looking for a short on $EURUSD.

2 entry points that I am considering.

1. 1.3185 which corresponds to the previous candle height.

2. Where the Kijun sen is acting as the resistance at 1.3228

Rationale for the short:

1. Bearish cross confirmed.

2. Very thin kumo support below.