Ichimoku Short Term Trading Plan (Intraday)

1. 4 screens setup

  • Top left : $ADVN – $DECN (5min chart)
  • Top right : $UVOL – $DVOL (5min chart)
  • Bottom left : $TICK (5 min chart, upper limit 800, lower limit -800)
  • Bottom right : /ES (1 min Ichimoku chart)


2. Trade only the first 3 hours

3. No trade for First 30 minutes. At times, it could be 1hr.

4. Look out for pattern

  • Top out (short setup, can’t move up anymore, can’t break the opening range)
  • Deep pullback (move down and pullback to halfway point)
  • Push through (push through the high)
  • Pullback (pullback to support & continue to new high)


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