U.S. Army Training Support Center’s 300 Agents Rely on RightNow CRM to Provide First-Class Service Worldwide

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With RightNow, ATSC’s Citizen Satisfaction Jumped to 75 Percent and Response Times Dropped to Less Than One Day

Bozeman, Mont., Thursday, March 26, 2009

Using RightNow® Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, U.S. Army Training Support Center (ATSC) provides timely and consistent Army training support to soldiers and civilians anytime, anywhere, via phone, web, and email.

With RightNow, ATSC is able to use subject matter experts, across an integrated network, to provide accurate information to both soldiers and civilians. For example, using RightNow:
• more than 300 agents and subject matter experts in 33 Army centers and schools support military and civilian training programs with information around self-development, institutional and operational training and training support.
• ATSC delivers technical service and support to 350,000 students a year that are enrolled in distance learning courses at home stations or deployed throughout the world.
Service on the Front Lines, Anytime, Anywhere

Using RightNow ATSC agents can answer questions with virtually one mouse click.
• ATSC’s emails, web questions and phone calls are all managed in the same queue, and automatically routed to the appropriate agent.
• E-mail inquiries are also automatically converted into an incident that can be efficiently tracked.
• Agents have access to the RightNow self-learning, centralized knowledge foundation, which is automatically updated with the latest training materials.
The Power of Listening

ATSC is also using RightNow to monitor the quality of citizen support and satisfaction.
o ATSC sends monthly citizen surveys and uses the feedback captured to make ongoing adjustments to processes and support offerings.
o In the first year alone, ATSC saw a 30 percent reply rate from the monthly surveys and citizen satisfaction rose to 75 percent.
o RightNow helps ATSC track requests for Army training and education to continuously improve available information and reduce response times.

“RightNow has proven to be a valuable asset in helping ATSC agents support our soldiers and civilians wherever and whenever. We’ve strengthened the foundation for our knowledge management, so that regardless of the nature of the question, we can provide accurate, up-to-date information with extreme efficiency.”

Greg Bailey, Chief, Customer Assistance Division, ATSC

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