PALM : Jon Rubinstein Appointed CEO of PALM

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jun 10, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) today announced that its board of directors has appointed Jon Rubinstein to lead the company as Chairman and CEO upon the departure of Ed Colligan, who is stepping down after sixteen years of leadership at the company. Rubinstein, who joined Palm as Executive Chairman in October 2007 to help bring innovation back to the company, assumes his role as CEO on June 12. Colligan plans to take some time off, then join Elevation Partners.

With Jon Rubinstein appointed as CEO of PALM, I expect that there will be more ‘innovations’ coming out of Palm’s product line.

This is probably a very good setup for more product lines based on WebOS. Financially it will be challenging because of the downturn. At the same time, it is also the best time to take market share from other competitors who may reduce spending on R&D.

It feels like the time when Steve Jobs was heading Apple again. A perfect setup for multi-years growth, perhaps?

By iam802

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