S&P 500 Review (Chart as of 25 June 2009)

As posted on April 30, S&P has some space for a bullish run.

Previously I highlighted that it will face resistant from the kumo on the Weekly Chart.

Following is an update:

1. As expected, the kumo on the Weekly Chart is fairly on the spot. S&P touches it and start making an about turn. Moving forward, we still see major resistant for the S&P. The kumo suggest resistant level all the way till S&P at about 800.

2. On the Daily Chart, we have just seen the Tenkan sen crosses the Kijun sen. Volume has drop since May. A sign that the most buying-n-selling are done.  On the Daily Chart, we see some support at 893. However, there is a chance that the forward kumo is going to twist and show a bearish trend.

2009Jun-S&P 500-800x600

2009Jun-S&P 500-800x600_Daily

By iam802

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