Ichimoku : How I use the Chikou Span for Trading

I had a comment on my use of Chikou Span left by  ‘dcmb’ and I thought it is best to start a new post to further discuss this.

The comment was on the use of Chikou Span and the use of the current price level against it.

at ichiwiki, the chikou was used against the price 26 days ago.

but you are using the chikou against the current price?

So, when do we use Chikou Span against historic price and when do we use it against the current price. I believe, the above is my mistake of not highlighting the scenario better. Or it could also be a case of me not explaining it well enough.

Let’s illustrate it with a series of charts.

In this case, I will use a recent trade that I have on RedHat (RHT).

RedHat at 28 August.

  • Chikou Span have not cut above the price level at 26 periods back
  • From the Chikou Span, I can also see that there is a resistant level at 23.26

So, what does this means?

To me, it means that even if Chikou Span cuts the historic price highlighted by the yellow circle, it will still not be a bullish signal. I would want to see it break above 23.26 as well.

On top of that, we can see from the chart that Tenkan sen have not cut Kijun sen yet. So, not all bullish signals are in place.

2009Aug-Red Hat Inc-800x600_28Aug

Let’s move the date forward on the chart.

RedHat at 1 Sept.

Tenkan sen has cut Kijun sen. But, if we look at Chikou Span, it is pointing down now and has not cut above the historic price yet.

We can also see from the Chikou Span that there is now another immediate resistant level at 22.96

With this, we have 2 resistant levels to break. Personally, when I see 2 resistant levels that is so close, I will want the price level to clear both hurdles before taking a position.

In this case, I see 23.26 as the level to clear.

2009Sep-Red Hat Inc-800x600_1Sept

Let’s move forward on the chart again.

RedHat as of 4 Sept.

As we can see from the chart below, we have bullish confirmation on the following indicators:

  • Chikou Span has break through historic price level and punch through the 2 resistance levels
  • Tekan sen has also cut Kijun sen with both lines pointing up. These are bullish signals.

So, as can be seen when I say ‘Chikou Span cuts the current price level’, it should perhaps be ‘Chikou Span cuts the cuts the immediate resistant levels instead’. Perhaps, that may be clearer.

2009Sep-Red Hat Inc-800x600_4Sept

By iam802

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3 replies on “Ichimoku : How I use the Chikou Span for Trading”

Tks for making the efforts to clarify.

you are using chartnexus. do trade sg stocks? have you tried applying ichi on sg stocks?

No, I do not trade stocks on the Singapore Exchange anymore.

Ichimoku is primarily a trend trading system. So, it will work with any market as long as there a trend exists.

The key difference is the timeframe that you want to trade in.

You can also visit for more discussions. I do post my thoughts there occasionally.

Take care.

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