Transcu Group : The risk of penny stock

I have been thinking about all these penny stocks trading on Singapore Exchange

And one thing we know for sure is :
– it can be manipulated (because of its low volume)
– penny share cost little
– the idea of contra

It does not take a lot for some BBs to come in and push it up.

After all, what is stopping them to buy the share continuously for 3 days and dump it all on the last day?

Take a look at Transcu chart before the halt today.

See how it is being pushed up and dumped even faster?


It is not the entry that will make you rich, but it is the exit that allows you to take your profit or minimise your losses.

This brings me to the point of Stop Loss. Or in the 36 Strategies thread – the last strategy (The Escape).

When odds are heavily against you, just cut loss and run.

By iam802

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