Corning Inc (GLW) : Where are they used?

Time to make some mental notes on Corning (once a darling during the dot com boom).

GLW operates in five reportable business segments: Display Technologies, Telecommunications, Environmental Technologies, Specialty Materials and Life Sciences.

The easiest to understand is the Display Technologies; LCD.

Why is it a sector that we want to focus on? Think. Where are display used nowadays apart from TV screens.

It’s small, handy and available in many countries.

Back to the Ichimoky chart for Corning (GLW).

It has breakout of the kumo but has since retrace a fair bit. Based on current pre-market conditions, it is likely that it will go down and the gap will be closed.

Depending on the severity of its fall over the next few days, a good entry could be $18 and $17.50

$16 should be a very safe entry for the long term buy and hold position.

By iam802

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