Garmin (GRMN) : Chart Review

A follow up review on GRMN.

Garmin continues on its bearish move since my May’s post.

With the downward trend so strong, I won’t be surprised if GRMN will go below $15 soon.

Will the average user be buying a smartphone from Garmin? Or will they choose from Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry etc.

What will be the catalyst for it to rise?

Among the typical M&A, going private etc. In fact, I am thinking about possibility of RIMM acquiring GRMN.

This is really a stretch on my imagination here as I do not know whether RIMM has a comprehensive mapping services.

I do know that they have some geolocation services testing via this post

At the same time, if RIMM succeed with their own mapping services, it is also possible for them to kill GRMN’s core business through their deals with automotive.

By iam802

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