Thinkorswim issues – 2nd day (AGAIN!!)

It was not so far back Thinkorswim resolve those sofware updates issues.

This is the 2nd time I am having issues with Thinkorswim. And it is definitely not a pleasant experience going into option expiration.

And now, less than 3 months, such issues crop out again. Lagging charts, buggy software updates are all detrimental to a trader using the platform.

Seriously, if this is the level of service that they are going to maintain, I think it is time to move to other brokerages.

There is no need to add a whole slew of ‘new features’. Most traders will only use a couple and stick with it. In other words, adding new features does not brings you more revenue. In fact, there is a possibility that it introduce bugs, give traders bad experience and drive them over to the competitors.

All I want from my platform is reliability, simplicity and a lag-free experience. Is it really that hard?

By iam802

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