S&P500 (SPX): Time to short?

What does S&P 500 chart says?

1. The time between retrace is getting shorter. From Dec to Feb (2 months), to Feb to Mar (1 month).

2. As the timeframe between the retrace shortens, the acceleration going upwards is getting faster.  Taking a glance at the chart, it seems to be that the market has move up a lot within a very short timeframe.

And this leads us to the next question. When the market runs ahead so fast in such a short timeframe, is it time for us to take the profit and take a break?

Or better, start observing for a short position?

What do you think? Long or short?

By iam802

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  1. We know that a top is building; however with the FED’s easy monetary policy,
    any correction may be short, and not too deep.

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