Apple Inc ($AAPL) : Gap down. More to come.


Yesterday, AAPL gap down to the $315 range with little resistance.

This comes right after its $326 level was broken; $326 was supported 3 times previously. With $326 giving way, $320 offers little support and AAPL fell through with a gap down.

From the Daily Ichimoku Chart, we can see that the next support is near the $300 range. This will be an important support level as it coincides with the Weekly Ichimoku Chart.


On the Weekly Ichimoku Chart, we can clearly see that $300 is the kumo support area. With fairly thick kumo support area from $300 to $280.

This could be a buying opportunity. Though, AAPL may have its own set of risks.

Among the risks are the talent leaving AAPL and Steve Jobs health.

Folks leaving AAPL includes:

1. Ron Johnson who created the Apple’s retail stores.

2. Bertrand Serlet, a revered software engineer who has been with Steve Jobs since NeXT and oversees the development of the operating system for the Macs.

3. For now, Jon Ive and Tim Cooks is still on board with Tim Cooks likely to be taking over the role of CEO ( << speculation)

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