ProLogis Trust ($PLD): Right at edge of kumo

PLD has fell over the last few days with the general market.

Currently, it is sitting right on the Kijun sen support which conincides with the kumo support as well.

The price action for PLD seems muted today. Despite a rise of about 1% in /ES, PLD price range is pretty narrow.

Given the price-action, there is a chance that PLD support at around $34 may not hold.


PLD is due to give earnings on July 28.


Prologis ($PLD) : Potential Stock To Short

Got this from Invest2Success blog.

Key Points:

1. ProLogis secondary offering 30 million common share

2. Proceeds will be used to repay debt from a bridge facility. Do note the word ‘bridge’. To my knowledge, these are short term loans to allow Prologis to buy time to raise more funds. I maybe wrong since I trade mostly based on the chart.

3. Growth is expected to slow down in areas where its assets are located.

Note: The chart has not exhibit any confirmation. I will be watching for a LONG PUT position.

Property REIT

Alexandria Real Estate (ARE) : Is this a Head and Shoulder in the Making?

Continuing my monitoring of ARE.

As of yesterday’s close, there is still no sign that it will continue to be bullish since its last gap down.

It has just rebounded off a support at around 51.78 and it is still too early to tell if it will climb higher. If it fails to climb higher and break through 55.67, we have a lower high and perhaps the a Head  and Shoulder formation.


– Still too early to tell.

– Wait for confirmation

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