S&P500 Thinkorswim

$SPX : Thinkorswim / TD Ameritrade making headlines on Bloomberg

Seems like yesterday issues with Thinkorswim (or is it TD Ameritrade?) is widespread enough to make headlines on Bloomberg.

Link to Bloomberg article :

Thinkorswim Clients Miss Morning Trading


Thinkorswim : Totally disappointed.

I am totally disappointed with Thinkorswim.

This is not the first time that I have experience issues with Thinkorswim.

I am going to bring my business elsewhere.


Thinkorswim: Ichimoku issue workaround

Thinkorswim support team is aware of the chart issue that I have for Ichimoku.

They have since offered me a workaround.

Instead of using the default Ichimoku setting, create a new custom setting with the following code:

input tenkan_period = 9;
input kijun_period = 26;
def shouldPlot = !isNaN(close);
def formTenkan = (Highest(high[1], tenkan_period) + Lowest(low[1], tenkan_period)) / 2;
def formKijun = (Highest(high[1], kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1], kijun_period)) / 2;
plot Tenkan = if shouldPlot then formTenkan else double.NaN;
plot Kijun = if shouldPlot then formKijun else double.NaN;
plot “Span A” = (Tenkan[kijun_period] + Kijun[kijun_period]) / 2;
plot “Span B” = (Highest(high[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period)) / 2;
plot Chikou = close[-kijun_period];
“Span A”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(3));
“Span B”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(4));
DefineGlobalColor(“Bullish”, Color.YELLOW);
DefineGlobalColor(“Bearish”, Color.RED);
AddCloud(“Span A”, “Span B”, globalColor(“Bullish”), globalColor(“Bearish”));

input tenkan_period = 9;input kijun_period = 26;
def shouldPlot = !isNaN(close);def formTenkan = (Highest(high[1], tenkan_period) + Lowest(low[1], tenkan_period)) / 2;def formKijun = (Highest(high[1], kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1], kijun_period)) / 2;plot Tenkan = if shouldPlot then formTenkan else double.NaN;plot Kijun = if shouldPlot then formKijun else double.NaN;plot “Span A” = (Tenkan[kijun_period] + Kijun[kijun_period]) / 2;plot “Span B” = (Highest(high[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period)) / 2;plot Chikou = close[-kijun_period];
Tenkan.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(1));Kijun.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(2));”Span A”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(3));”Span B”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(4));Chikou.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(5));
DefineGlobalColor(“Bullish”, Color.YELLOW);DefineGlobalColor(“Bearish”, Color.RED);AddCloud(“Span A”, “Span B”, globalColor(“Bullish”), globalColor(“Bearish”));

This is how the custom setup looks.

With the custom setup, my charts looks fine for now.

Hope they solve the chart issue as soon as possible.