3PAR (PAR) : Autonomic Wide Stripping Illustration on YouTube

3Par had a video  on  YouTube that illustrates how their wide stripping works. Note: A ‘dry’ topic. The intended audience are for those who are involved in infrastructure planning (eg. system administrators, the CIO or CTO who are facing performance,  budget and other areas of constraints). Nonetheless, a good attempt on 3Par’s part.

Follow Up on CRB (with a Weekly Chart)

GR, the site admin of Huatopedia (and he’s also my sinseh…the one who introduce me to Ichimoku), provides a great insight to CRB on the Weekly Chart to my post on CRB  And I thought, it should be shared here.   802, look at the weekly charts for the CRB index, or for some of the commodity… Continue reading Follow Up on CRB (with a Weekly Chart)