PALM Pre Released Date

Just a speculation on my part. It is getting closer the Palm Pre’s launch expected to be in May-June. More traders are getting edgy as the indices are starting to reverse, and Palm still has not announced or show an actual Palm Pre for sale. Here’s my little bet. 1. Apple’s WDC is scheduled on… Continue reading PALM Pre Released Date

Palm : Holding well on the Weekly

A quick update. Despite yesterday dips on lots of counters, Palm is holding up well enough on the Weekly Chart. Here we can see that its current closing price is just above a key resistant level back in November 2007. What I will like to see is for it to establish a new trading range… Continue reading Palm : Holding well on the Weekly

PALM : New High in 2009

Palm has a nice run yesterday. It forms a new high for the year 2009. The previous time that it breaks through $9 was in Feb, and that rally quickly lose ground on the same day. Part of the reason then, was Palm has went up too fast; hence you see the big gap between… Continue reading PALM : New High in 2009