PALM Pre Released Date

Just a speculation on my part.

It is getting closer the Palm Pre’s launch expected to be in May-June.

More traders are getting edgy as the indices are starting to reverse, and Palm still has not announced or show an actual Palm Pre for sale.

Here’s my little bet.

1. Apple’s WDC is scheduled on June 8 to June 12.

2. If I am Palm’s CEO, Pre will need to be given a few days lead time before June 8. So, that brings us to the Week of June 1 to June 7.

3.  I will discount June 6 and June 7 as it is too near to WDC.

4. For the weekdays, Thursday has always been a day where new movies are shown (at least this is true from where I am based).  So, my bet is June 4 launch of Palm Pre.

5. Assuming that Palm Pre is launch of June 4, then there will need to be publicity and official announcement for the launch date.

6. Give it another 1-2 weeks. And I think we should be hearing some form of announcement next week (May 17 – May 23)  about the launch date.

So, what do you think?

A possible announcement on May 21 and a possible launch date on June 4.


Palm : Holding well on the Weekly

A quick update.

Despite yesterday dips on lots of counters, Palm is holding up well enough on the Weekly Chart.

Here we can see that its current closing price is just above a key resistant level back in November 2007.

What I will like to see is for it to establish a new trading range from $9 to $9.50 onwards, especially after Palm Pre is launched.

Holding at a higher trading range will give me comfort to hold Palm for a longer time. After which, it will come down to fundamentals like revenue,  cashflow etc.




PALM : New High in 2009

Palm has a nice run yesterday.

It forms a new high for the year 2009. The previous time that it breaks through $9 was in Feb, and that rally quickly lose ground on the same day.

Part of the reason then, was Palm has went up too fast; hence you see the big gap between the kumo and the price level.

This time round, the chart tells a different story.


  1. Tenkan sen cuts Kijun sen on 23 March; a bullish signal
  2. Chikou Span cuts through the price level and there was no immediate resistant up front.
  3. The kumo is also forming a support below the price level
  4. And we ca also see how the Tenkan sen is closely following the candles, providing a good short term support.





The exception is on the Weekly Chart, the kumo has not show an uptrend yet. And this is understandable. Palm Pre has not been launched and there aren’t any sales figure to support it. More importantly, we are just slightly about 3 months since Palm Pre was announced. Hardly a very long timeframe on the Weekly Chart.

This should change a bit as we approach the launch date. But, the risk remains. Palm is launching a ‘luxury’ product in a down economomy. A lot of its success will depends on how much it can get out of the telcos. 

Hopefully, the Sprint deal will not hold back Palm from quickly working with other partners in Europe and Asia.I can also understand that Palm may not rush the expansion too fast as well. Building a good support team is important. Rapid expansion in terms of coverage will thin out the resources and burn the cash very quickly.

For now, this continue to be one of my bullish holdings.