$RIMM . Rumours and my bet.

By now, the rumours are going around that Icahn may be initiating a position in RIMM.

This news, remains a rumour at this moment.

I am betting that it is nothing but a rumour and has initiated a small PUT position, betting that it will not come true.

In fact, I have a theory on this rumour. We are now at the tail end of Q3 (end September). In a few more days, Q3 will ends.

Are there fund managers trying to get out of their position?

Are there fund managers trying to get that little extra profit up or the losses reduced before the quarter ends?

Nonetheless, my position is small. There is no chart or technical basis for it.

Like the rumour, mine is a speculation as well.


$TLT. It’s like November 2008 again.

TLT has breakout of its high from August 2010.

It is in a very strong bullish move reminiscent to the move back in November 2008; peak of the crisis?

Not only is TLT move steeper this time round (moving upwards faster), it also seems more gappy.

Back in 2008, within 1 month from the November move, TLT starts crashing down.

Will we see a similar move this time round? If yes, what could be the cause? I can only wait for a confirmation. Before that, I will sit tight and avoid placing a speculative bet.


Radware Ltd (RDWR) : Will this be a potential cup-n-handle?

Radware is still holding near its high.

With earnings tomorrow, there is a likelihood that a cup-n-handle may form.

I am betting on a breakout on the high side.