Research In Motion ($RIMM) : Feels like Palm again…

Digitimes reported that RIMM has lowered internal Playbook target.

I recall when Palm launches Palm Pre couple of years back, they have the same issue.

First the share price drop after the inital hype. Then came the rumours about how the Chinese are away on holidays and related production issues.

Now, it seems that RIMM is going to go through this stage again.

Other rumours includes RIMM being acquired. However, at this moment, it is losing its competitive age fast with Android and iOS capturing markets at their expenses.

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Research In Motion Ltd ($RIMM) : Break long term support and more to go..


RIMM announces on Thursday after trading hours that it was missing revenue target and analyst estimates.

With that news, price breaks the support at $35 with a gap down that goes below $30 convincingly with a show of high volume.

From the Ichimoku chart, we can see that $35 is the lows for RIMM way back during the financial crisis. Now, that the price is trading below $30, it is a strong suggestion that the challenges for RIMM is even greater when compared to 2008.

Among the most important indicator for RIMM will be its shipment and sales for Playbook. Despite RIMM downplay on the importance of it, there is no denial that the tablet market is where the growth is.

Competitors includes Apple (AAPL) with the iPad2 and Google with Android. And we also need to watch out for Hewlette-Packard with the WebOS and they are expected to launch some new tablets products this July (only about 2 weeks from now). Lenovo has also come out with their vision and version of the tablets.

There is no doubt, the success of the tablets will be a great indication of whether RIMM is able to transform itself.

From the trading chart point of view, we only need to reference Nokia (NOK) and Palm’s charts to see a similar pattern. RIMM is going through what Palm went through a few years back.

Remember the story of number of units shipped? Yes, likewise analysts will be trying to find ways to check if the number of units shipped translate to actual sales.

The difference between companies like HPQ and Lenovo will be the channels. HPQ and Lenovo have a strong sales channel both within the entreprise market and the retail. However, for RIMM, this is definitely lacking. And it will take lots of time to build up this channel; a luxury that RIMM will not have.

My believe, RIMM is poised to go down even more. My guess. Below $20 by Dec 2011.


1. This is not a time to bottom picked. It can goes lower.

2. If it turns around, we should see consolidation on the chart first.

3. I am vested with a bearish bias.


Research In Motion ($RIMM): Strong support at $35


RIMM has break its support at $42.72 and is now poised to head towards the lows in 2008 (around $35).

This is a fairly strong support as it was the lows of 2008 (during the financial crisis). It was tested twice and with it a ‘W’ pattern was formed and it rebounced off the levels.

So, what has changed since then?

1. RIMM is now lagging behind in the smartphone market; playing catchup to Apple’s iPhone (or iOS) and Google’s Android.

2. New competitors includes Nokia (with its partnership with MSFT) and HPQ with its webOS (formerly Palm).

3. Matured and slowing growth for its BlackBerry server.

I expect $35 to be supported first. Whether it will continue to hold will depend on its execution for its Playbook and other new smartphone devices based on the new platform (QNX).

Unfortunately, market demand is not with RIMM on the above. Apple’s iPhone commands a huge following, has a great established ‘App Store’ and the newly iCloud service will continue to lock in users and create demand from the younger generation as well (through music, videos and other digital consumption).