$RIMM . Watch the Support.

Apart from $GMCR , $RIMM is my next favourite stock for the year.

Here, we see $RIMM trading near the Chikou Span support level.

With hardly any new products, and a CEO still trying to find its way, there is a high chance that the earnings will be bad, inventory high and expenses need to be curb.


$AAPL . Impact of iPhone (vs $MSFT)

When the iPhone was launched, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer laugh at the price tag, ‘missing entreprise features’, and how it will not gain significant market share.

Here’s the YouTube video to show:

Fast forward to 2011 (and we are already in Q4 2011), let’s just take a look at how MSFT performed over the last few years (from 2007)


Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) : Consolidation with a doji


This is a follow up to my previous AMD post .

AMD continues to show consolidation at current price range.

In fact, after my June 24 post, a doji is sighted on AMD’s chart.

With the price consolidation, we can also see that AMD price level is now just next to the Tenkan sen.

Support is around 6.88 with resistance at 7.22.

Resistance is strong with the thick leading kumo from 7.44 to 8.00 range.

Short term catalyst includes possible announcement of a new CEO.