3PAR (PAR) : New 52 Week High

Wonderful on 3PAR’s price today.

It broke through the consolidated trading range of 10.70 and 11.70 and reach as high as 12.80 today in the early trading hours.


Gildead (GILD) : Profit rises a higher-than-expected 21 percent

A little belated news.

Gilead Science (GILD), reported on April 22, that their first quarter profit rose 21 percent due mainly to increase sales of its drugs for treating AIDS.


Today, we can also see GILD at play due to the Mexican Swine flu.

On the Ichimoku chart, it has just break out of the ‘flatten’ kumo. However, we can see that the Chikou Span is still below the kumo; a suggestion that the bulls are not fully engaged yet.

Or to be more specific, currently its bullishness is a knee jerk reaction to the Mexican flu (on top of its recent greater than expected quarter performance).

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PAR : Will it breakout of the kumo?

3Par is on my watchlist and currently there may be a chance that it will breakout of the kumo resistant.

Take a look at the chart:

A clear breakout at around $7.60 is what I am looking for. Preferably, this should be accompanied by good quarterly results.

Apart from this, I am also thinking about whether Cisco will just acquire 3Par as part of their Unified Computing System. After all, Cisco has the cash and 3Par may fit in nicely (more so than SUN).