$RIMM . Continues to be bearish.

  $RIMM goes as low as $12.37 when the earnings came out before recovering to the $13 levels. Clearly, in the earnings call, it leaves no doubt that there is very little RIMM can do. They have missed the opportunity for both the smartphone and tablet market. And the opportunity to capture the market share… Continue reading $RIMM . Continues to be bearish.

Is $RIMM new OS really that great?

First off, this is not a post about the technical superiority of any OS. Secondly, I am vested with a SHORT position on RIMM. So, read this with a huge pinch of salt. For the past few days, the media has been reporting Mr. Leon Cooperman’s ownership of 1.42 million of $RIMM  shares as of… Continue reading Is $RIMM new OS really that great?

$AAPL . Impact of iPhone (vs $MSFT)

When the iPhone was launched, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer laugh at the price tag, ‘missing entreprise features’, and how it will not gain significant market share. Here’s the YouTube video to show: Fast forward to 2011 (and we are already in Q4 2011), let’s just take a look at how MSFT performed over the last… Continue reading $AAPL . Impact of iPhone (vs $MSFT)