3PAR (PAR) : Hirings….

Interesting find I have today.

I did a search on Twitter for 3PAR and noticed among the results a number of hiring for 3PAR.

Among the job titles includes:

– Senior Account Executive

– Sales Operations Manager

– Inside Sales Representative

– Senior Planning Manager and more….(including engineering jobs)

What does this suggest?

3PAR is expanding (unless there is an untold exodus..which I doubt so). My gut feel is it is expanding to have more coverage of the market (and to improve its product further).

Generally, company size of 3PAR enjoys a culture where lots of people envy. Room for growth, in a growing market, game changing technology…. in other words, the chance of expansion is higher than replacement of talents.

At the same time, I am not sure what is the impact on operation costs.

Let’s keep this in view.