$GMCR . Can it stay above the kumo?

It seems like $GMCR is going to have a setup for a bearish move. From the Ichimoku chart, we can identify the following trading signals: 1. Bearish cross from Tenkan sen and Kijun sen; reflective of the price dropped from $32 to $24 2. Thin kumo support below the current price level suggests that the… Continue reading $GMCR . Can it stay above the kumo?

$SPX . Ichimoku Tenkan sen resistance

Having bounce off 1289 (or kumo support on Ichimoku Weekly Support), /ES is now hitting the resistance level from Tenkan sen . At this moment, it remains a bearish trade from the Ichimoku chart. With price level close to the resistance level, it represents a good entry for a short with a stop-loss just above… Continue reading $SPX . Ichimoku Tenkan sen resistance