Thinkorswim: Ichimoku issue workaround

Thinkorswim support team is aware of the chart issue that I have for Ichimoku.

They have since offered me a workaround.

Instead of using the default Ichimoku setting, create a new custom setting with the following code:

input tenkan_period = 9;
input kijun_period = 26;
def shouldPlot = !isNaN(close);
def formTenkan = (Highest(high[1], tenkan_period) + Lowest(low[1], tenkan_period)) / 2;
def formKijun = (Highest(high[1], kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1], kijun_period)) / 2;
plot Tenkan = if shouldPlot then formTenkan else double.NaN;
plot Kijun = if shouldPlot then formKijun else double.NaN;
plot “Span A” = (Tenkan[kijun_period] + Kijun[kijun_period]) / 2;
plot “Span B” = (Highest(high[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period)) / 2;
plot Chikou = close[-kijun_period];
“Span A”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(3));
“Span B”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(4));
DefineGlobalColor(“Bullish”, Color.YELLOW);
DefineGlobalColor(“Bearish”, Color.RED);
AddCloud(“Span A”, “Span B”, globalColor(“Bullish”), globalColor(“Bearish”));

input tenkan_period = 9;input kijun_period = 26;
def shouldPlot = !isNaN(close);def formTenkan = (Highest(high[1], tenkan_period) + Lowest(low[1], tenkan_period)) / 2;def formKijun = (Highest(high[1], kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1], kijun_period)) / 2;plot Tenkan = if shouldPlot then formTenkan else double.NaN;plot Kijun = if shouldPlot then formKijun else double.NaN;plot “Span A” = (Tenkan[kijun_period] + Kijun[kijun_period]) / 2;plot “Span B” = (Highest(high[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period) + Lowest(low[1 + kijun_period], 2 * kijun_period)) / 2;plot Chikou = close[-kijun_period];
Tenkan.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(1));Kijun.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(2));”Span A”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(3));”Span B”.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(4));Chikou.SetDefaultColor(GetColor(5));
DefineGlobalColor(“Bullish”, Color.YELLOW);DefineGlobalColor(“Bearish”, Color.RED);AddCloud(“Span A”, “Span B”, globalColor(“Bullish”), globalColor(“Bearish”));

This is how the custom setup looks.

With the custom setup, my charts looks fine for now.

Hope they solve the chart issue as soon as possible.


Thinkorswim issues – 2nd day (AGAIN!!)

It was not so far back Thinkorswim resolve those sofware updates issues.

This is the 2nd time I am having issues with Thinkorswim. And it is definitely not a pleasant experience going into option expiration.

And now, less than 3 months, such issues crop out again. Lagging charts, buggy software updates are all detrimental to a trader using the platform.

Seriously, if this is the level of service that they are going to maintain, I think it is time to move to other brokerages.

There is no need to add a whole slew of ‘new features’. Most traders will only use a couple and stick with it. In other words, adding new features does not brings you more revenue. In fact, there is a possibility that it introduce bugs, give traders bad experience and drive them over to the competitors.

All I want from my platform is reliability, simplicity and a lag-free experience. Is it really that hard?

Options Trading TA Tech Uncategorized Inc (SOHU) : A Review of My Iron Condor Play

Previously, it was highlighted that SOHU is forming a symmetrical triangle (many thanks to GR for pointing it out)

And as with symmetrical triangles, there is a chance that it can break out either way.

For me, I took a bet and Short an Iron Condor on SOHU. My beliefs was that it will remain at the same level until expiration.

All went well until Monday when the price breaks through the previous week high and stay above the previous week lows as well.

That should have been my first sign. Unfortunately for me, I was already off to bed sleeping (thinking that it will remain within my range).

Needless to say, on Tuesday, the price continue to surge upward on opening, and I see a fair amount of my profits from the Iron Condor eroded.

I still make a tiny profit from it but it is painful to see 3/4 of the profits being wiped out.

On hindsight, I should have closed off the position on last Friday when it dipped back into the ‘triangle’.

2009Sep-Sohu.Com Inc-800x600