3PAR (PAR) : Will Oracle join in the bidding game?

I am not vested in 3PAR.

But, here’s a little musings.

Will Oracle join in the bidding for 3PAR?

1. Founders of 3PAR, Jeff Price and Ashok Singhai, both hail from SUN (now Oracle)

2. Is Oracle’s storage technology stack covering the entire industry’s needs?

3. 3PAR, with their thin provisioning, will it provides an added advantage for Oracle over competitors like HPQ, DELL, and even make it more challenging against EMC and IBM?

Having said that, there’s also a few executives in 3PAR that comes from HPQ.

It is hard for an outsider like me to figure out what goes on in the discussions or agreement.

But, it will be interesting if Oracle decides to join the bidding game. I assume they have the money to do so.

And even if they fail to win the bid, it could possibly make a hole in HPQ or DELL.


Hewlette-Packard (HPQ) : Value of ex-CEO HURD to HPQ

Just musing around.

This is the value of HURD to HPQ; about 10% of its share price.


On hindsight, is the payment for his departure high?


Morningstar : 3Par’s Challenge

Morningstar has a short writeup on ‘bargains in data storage‘.

Rather than quoting the whole article, let’s just highlight the portion on 3PAR.

3PAR (NYSE:PAR – News)
Although we are extremely impressed with 3PAR’s technology, we fear its efforts to attack EMC and other established vendors in the high performance sector may go unrewarded in the long run. 3PAR’s technology is so impressive that we see similarities between 3PAR’s architecture and the design of EMC’s latest product release. Imitation may be flattering, but it is bad for business and our concern continues to grow that further success by 3PAR could be met with strong responses by the storage giants.

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