Harley-Davidson (HOG) : Short signals on HOG

This is a recap of my short position on HOG.

Trade was initiated on Monday (June 8) based on last Friday’s chart (June 5)

1. Weekly Chart still shows the kumo is trending down.

2. On daily, price has fall back into the kumo on higher volume.

3. Confirming this includes other indicators
– Force Index changing to Bearish
– Stochastics cross and dip below 80%
– MacD line is showing a cross and is below 0
– MacD histogram has a count of 4green bars and 1 red bar

Attached is the chart as of last Friday.


Next, we can take a chart ending June 9.

We can see that both Monday exhibits more selling with yesterday’s volume surging to almost 15million compared to an average of about 4.5million

The price also touch the bottom of the kumo and reverse. An indication that maybe the facts from the fundamentals side is not showing up yet.


Let’s see how far this ‘short’ will go.


Alexandria Real Estate (ARE) : Short signals (are they aligned yet?)

My MACD readings is a bit rusty. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

The following chart uses 2 indicators to determine a short entry.

1. 20 day MA

2. MACD histogram


Some points to note:

1. ARE has been trading at a lower range. Look at the boxes drawn. It is still not clear if the new range is between $31 and $35.

2. Yesterday, closing provides a clearer picture that it is now being resisted by the 20day MA. In fact, if I recall, yesterday ARE was ‘up’ till the later hours of the day. Perhaps, a sign that the bulls are getting exhausted.

3. MACD. A possible MACD bearish cross. I also counted 4 consecutive green MACD histogram.  If a red histogram appears, that is my signal to short. (4green histogram followed by a 1 red histogram)


Reminder: My MACD readings are ‘rusty’. Perhaps, others can comment if my reading is right.


PALM : 52 Week High

Palm hit 52 weeks high.

Rather than posting an Ichimoku chart, it is perhaps better to show some alternative opinions which I got from Huatopedia.

From GR:

The weekly doesn’t look that bullish though – declining buy volume, declining MACD Histogram, declining Chaikin Money Flow, etc. Bollinger Bandwidth is starting to show signs of peaking and turning back down, so maybe prices will start to flatten after this strong move? Reminds me of AMZN – up up and away all the way…

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart