$AAPL, $AMZN, $IBM, $BIDU : 4 stocks above kumo



There are definitely more than 4 stocks that still looks bullish on the Ichimoku charts.

However, my favourites are :





I have chosen them for the following reasons:

1. They have cash.

2. They are market leaders within their segment

3. Pricing power and economies of scale.

4. Technically on the Ichimoku charts, they are still on top of the kumo support or above the kumo; which are bullish signs.

For $BIDU, we could easily substitute it with $GOOG. In my case, I want a proxy for the China market and in this case $GOOG fails the test.

Both $AAPL and $AMZN are extending their revenue beyond their core. In $AAPL case, the apps revenue and ads revenue will increasingly adds on and even be much more than its hardware sales.

In $AMZN, the cloud computing platform which they are offering will see increasing value as they target entreprise customers in the likes of brokerages etc.


Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) : Possible consolidation range


AMD has fell from $8.40 to $6.90 within one short month.

From the Ichimoku chart, there is a possibility that it may consolidate between $6.90 and $7.20

Rumours includes new CEO (from IBM).


At this moment, there is no confirmation that the consolidation range will hold. Neither are there confirmation of a bullish signal. I am vested and is making a bet that there may be some positive catalyst in the tunnel.


Tibco Software (TIBX) : Will TIBX be acquired?

I have always been impressed with Tibco; not with its stock price but at its portfolio of products and services.

Competitors that I can think of includes Oracle, IBM, and Progress Software.

TIBX is in a very nice position where there exists very few players and they are among the pack of leaders…..which makes them a good acquisition candidate.

But, more interesting today is TIBX price action. While the general market retraces a bit, TIBX continue its march upwards.

At mid-day, it has already matched its average volume.

Perhaps Fujitsu might be interested? Or will SAP gobbled up TIBX?