/CL : Bearish with kumo resistance

If there’s one trade that is worth looking at, it will be Crude Oil. As 2014 closes, crude fell from $115 to around $40 since June. News outlet begin reporting about possible reasons: Price war from OPEC Too much supply in the form of shale oil from US Weak demand A common theme I heard from… Continue reading /CL : Bearish with kumo resistance

GBP/USD : Ichimoku Weekly Support

With the upcoming vote in Scotland on its independence, GBP/USD has fall off the cliff from 1.71 to 1.61 within a month. On the daily Ichimoku chart, it seems that the trend remains pessimistic with no consolidation in place. Though it has bounce off a low of 1.6103 with immediate resistance at  1.6332 On the Ichimoku… Continue reading GBP/USD : Ichimoku Weekly Support

EUR/USD . Ichimoku chart suggest weak support

The daily Ichimoku chart for $EUR/USD is suggesting that the uptrend for EUR/USD is coming to an end. 1. We can see that the overall trend is flattening or hitting a plateau with the kumo turning flat. 2. A bearish cross seems to be forming between the Kijun sen and Tenkan sen 3. Support is thin… Continue reading EUR/USD . Ichimoku chart suggest weak support