Ichimoku : Is StockCharts Wrong?

Grandrake (GR) raises a very interesting point about the way StockChart interpret the calculation of Tenkan sen. It was posted on the kumotrader forum.

Just noticed this week that Stockcharts’ weekly plot for Netflix (NFLX) had a problem with the Kijun line (not verified if the problem extends to all other lines – I’d believe so, if they used the same formula).

In comparing the Stockcharts plot with those in ThinkOrSwim, ChartNexus and FreeStockCharts, I find that the Stockcharts plot seems to be a week slow. In other words, while the rest of the systems show an uptick in the latest Kijun line, Stockcharts still shows it as flat.

So I’m trying to recalibrate my understanding here:

My understanding is that, in plotting the Tenkan/Kijun lines, we should start counting the 9 or 26 periods starting with the latest closed session. Am I right? It appears to me Stockcharts plot for NFLX (not sure if it extends to others, I’d think so though) started counting from the session before the latest session and hence was 1 session late.

I’ve sent a query to Stockcharts support on this, but would like to see if I stand to be corrected for the period counts. If Stockcharts is right with the counts, then everyone else is wrong, and vice versa. So

The key point here, it seems that StockChart is plotting the Tenkan sen one period later.

You can see here (example provided by GR) that AMZN Tenkan sen is flattening.

AMZN Flattening Tenkan sen

And here’s one from Thinkorswim (TOS).

What is the implications of this?

If StockCharts is wrong, then relying on StockCharts Weekly Chart or Monthly charts can set you back by one week or even one month. In other words, you are receiving the signal one week later than others.

But, if StockCharts is correct, that means others like Thinkorswim or Chartnexus are wrong.


DOW Trading Range : Week of April 13

It was reported on CNBC that Darryl Guppy mentioned that DOW has a trading range of 6,000 to 10,000. To me, that is a very wide range for the short term traders. (Source : Huatopedia Forum)

Let’s just do a quick glance at DOW Weekly using Ichimoku and see what we can find out:



From the chart, we can safely observed the following:

  1. Index has hit resistance at 8043 and is now turning.
  2. The upper limit of 10,000 that Darryl Guppy mentioned can be found by looking at the kumo resistant level on top. On Ichimoku, it is around 10,287.
  3. The lower limit of 6,000 on Ichimoku as defined by the Chikou Span is the recent low of around 6,607.
  4. On a very short term basis, we will be obeserving if the reversal continues and whether it can stay above the 6,607.
  5. If it goes below this level on the Weekly Chart, we are going to see more ‘blood’ on Wall Street. 
  6. The very sector that has lead this rally will probably be the same sector that can cause the support to break.


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