3PAR (PAR) : Will Oracle join in the bidding game?

I am not vested in 3PAR.

But, here’s a little musings.

Will Oracle join in the bidding for 3PAR?

1. Founders of 3PAR, Jeff Price and Ashok Singhai, both hail from SUN (now Oracle)

2. Is Oracle’s storage technology stack covering the entire industry’s needs?

3. 3PAR, with their thin provisioning, will it provides an added advantage for Oracle over competitors like HPQ, DELL, and even make it more challenging against EMC and IBM?

Having said that, there’s also a few executives in 3PAR that comes from HPQ.

It is hard for an outsider like me to figure out what goes on in the discussions or agreement.

But, it will be interesting if Oracle decides to join the bidding game. I assume they have the money to do so.

And even if they fail to win the bid, it could possibly make a hole in HPQ or DELL.


3PAR (PAR) : Appoints VP of Engineering and Expands CTO Office

A clear sign that 3PAR is expanding.

For a company that is in an industry that thrives on successful delivering new leading products, it is important that there are sufficient people to lead engineering.

A new VP will allow the foundinng team of Jeff Price and Ashok Singal to focus on more critical design issues. I believe, the new VP (Peter Slocum) role is more focus on product delivery.

I see this as a plus point for 3PAR and a possible sign that there is a growing demand to have more products that address market needs.

I will keep this addition at the back of my head. Earnings season ahead. Need to find out also about their revenue growth and cashflows.

Source article for VP appointment: