RightNow Technologies (RNOW) : Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for E-Services Suite

This is considered a small win for RightNow. RightNow has just been featured as a leader in Gartner’s report. A ‘leader’ is defined as having both the vision and the ability to execute. And I see this a small plus.

Being featured on Gartner’s reports does not necessary mean there will be more deals.

However, from experience, I do know that there are CXOs who will use the report to filter competitive products. So, if your company compete in the same segment and is not featured here, then there is a need to supplement your sales team with other materials.

So, just by being on the report itself is a small plus as the report is used to help influence decision maker.


There is another saying. How much does one needs to pay in order to be featured in Gartner’s reports.


Vested in RNOW.


RNOW : Adds Secure Hosting

In the previous post on RightNow Technologies (RNOW), I reported that they have secured a US Army Training contract.

With the contract, they are now offering secure hosting for thier hosted apps to meet the requirements of the Department of Defence (and any other agencies that has such requirements).

RightNow Technologies, a developer of customer support and customer relationship management software, has added new support for “high security” hosting on its products.

I see this as a plus point for RNOW. Hopefully, getting DoD contracts will help them to secure other government agencies contracts.

Such contracts often has requirements that creates a barrier to entry for many competitors. With RNOW now listed as one of the ‘preferred’ vendors, and having the capability to meet the ‘security’ demands, this will solidify thier foothold as the leader in SaaS for Customer Relationships.

Full article on RNOW secure hosting available here: