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$GRPN . There was never a chance.

For $GRPN, there was never a chance for them to be bullish.

Just look at the Ichimoku chart for Groupon. The price level was trading below the kumo most of the time. There was only a small peek in Feb above the kumo and it fell very quickly breaking through various support and even gap down before April.

After which, it was just a ride down. Today, less than $6.

Tech (CRM) : Trade review

I mentioned about (CRM) previously and about its consolidation.

I was late in the game and did not manage to catch CRM when they announced earnings.

As mentioned in my previous post on CRM, I am expecting that it will consolidate before moving up further.

The key is to find another entry point.

August 27 proves to be a good entry point as CRM dips down and shortly goes back above the level of 109.73

The general market condition wasn’t clear on its direction.

I was not at all convinced that CRM will be able to make  a new high if the broader market is down.

What I did was to sell a vertical Sept 105/110 put.

This provides me with some buffer if I am wrong about CRM. At the same time, I make a bet on its bullish move with time on my side.

Today, with the broader market rally, CRMwas able to break through resistance 113.77 and establish new high.

If the broader market bullish move holds, I estimate that CRM should be able to hit a target price of 121 by end September.

Let’s keep my fingers crossed and see if this estimate will work out.


Rackspace (RAX) : Names Fred Reichheld to Board of Directors

This should be a positive move.

Hosting business is a very competitive industry.

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