3PAR (PAR) : Will Oracle join in the bidding game?

I am not vested in 3PAR.

But, here’s a little musings.

Will Oracle join in the bidding for 3PAR?

1. Founders of 3PAR, Jeff Price and Ashok Singhai, both hail from SUN (now Oracle)

2. Is Oracle’s storage technology stack covering the entire industry’s needs?

3. 3PAR, with their thin provisioning, will it provides an added advantage for Oracle over competitors like HPQ, DELL, and even make it more challenging against EMC and IBM?

Having said that, there’s also a few executives in 3PAR that comes from HPQ.

It is hard for an outsider like me to figure out what goes on in the discussions or agreement.

But, it will be interesting if Oracle decides to join the bidding game. I assume they have the money to do so.

And even if they fail to win the bid, it could possibly make a hole in HPQ or DELL.


Oracle to buy SUN (JAVA) …and I was so wrong!

I make a wrong bet, believing that no one else will buy SUN including Oracle.

My bet was so wrong and this is despite the fact, the chart was telling me otherwise.

I break my own trading rule, and the consequences is I lose money.

The saving grace is I know it is a bet and as such, the position is a small one.

Note to self:

Always follow the trading rules. Be discipline.