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StamfordLand (H07) : Is this a new bullish move?

Hi tonylim,

Here’s the updated chart.

1. We can see that there is some ‘light’ buying over the last few days. Volume is not as high as those in Aug – Oct 2009.

2. The price inch upwards but was not breaking 0.43

3. We can see that the price has consolidated at this region since last October and the kumo support is getting thin (weak).

4. The ‘red line’ represents the Tenkan sen; it seems to be moving up again. Maybe there is something brewing here 🙂


StamfordLand (H07) : Lacking strength to break through

Previously, I mentioned that StamfordLand is hitting resistance and is trading inside the Weekly Kumo; a sign of trendless state.

Just a couple of days back, the Reserve Bank of Australia announced rate hike and indirectly, it lead to a small surge for StamfordLand.

Though, it is clear from the chart that it lacks the strength to push through and break resistance. From the last candlestick price action, we can see that StamfordLand is not able to go beyond 0.43 and stay above it. This, to me is a clear indication that its business fundamentals have not improved yet (despite a possible gain from the strenthening Aussie dollar).


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StamfordLand (H07) : Trading inside kumo

StamfordLand has a nice gentle upward slope with the leading kumo showing that the upward trend is still intact.

On the Daily Chart, I see 0.45 as the price for it to break out of.

This is further confirmed by the Weekly Chart which shows that as the kumo resistance .