S&P500 Thinkorswim

$SPX : Thinkorswim / TD Ameritrade making headlines on Bloomberg

Seems like yesterday issues with Thinkorswim (or is it TD Ameritrade?) is widespread enough to make headlines on Bloomberg.

Link to Bloomberg article :

Thinkorswim Clients Miss Morning Trading


Thinkorswim issues – 2nd day

This is the second day that Thinkorswim (TOS) is having issues.

Took more than 5minutes before my charts starts responding.

Imagine 2 days in a row, and I can’t see my charts, price quotes and open positions.

How is anyone going to trade this way?

Is this due to an upgrade in the software? Or is this part of the changes since TD Ameritrade acquires it/

Either way, it is not good for traders. I will change that to include investors as well.

Cos’ even if one invests with long term in mind, you will still not be able to see your positions.

If they can’t fix this soon enough, they are going to lose a lot of credibility.