$TIVO : Breaks kumo support. Bearish trend confirmed.


$TIVO breaks kumo support


5 year Ichimoku chart. Right at kumo support

TiVo ($TIVO), make its mark when they launched the first digital recorder more than a decade ago. They had ride the trend when demand for their box surge and at the same time cost of components fell.

With the success of Netflix, and upcoming challengers varying from Apple, Amazon and Google, it seems that the uptrend for TiVo has about to end.

The first Ichimoku chart shows that the price has pierce through the kumo support and is in bearish territories.

The second Ichimoku chart, which spans a 5 year period, shows the price level right at kumo support at around $11.99.

However, the kumo support is thin there and  price can easily drop below that level.



Cheniere Energy, Inc. (AMEX:LNG) : Kijun sen support

Going long on LNG again.

Making a bet that it will bounce off the Chikou Span support which coincides closely with the Kijun sen (trendline)


Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC) : FAT FINGER ERROR?

Seems like FAT FINGER error is pretty common nowadays.

Look at the screenshot of APC which I have taken from Google Finance.

The day’s range can go from $39+ to $100,000. Yup, that’s right. Someone bought this share at $100k when they can get itat $1000, 100, 50,40, 39.