$RIMM . $20 is breached.


While Apple ($AAPL) is having their conference, $RIMM drop like a stone from its opening rally and breached the $20 mark.

Some key points from Apple’s conference:

1. 93% of Fortune 500 are testing or deploying iPhone (nail in the coffin for RIMM)

2. 3 out of 4 tablets sold in US are iPads

“Consumers don’t want tablets..they want iPads” – Tim Cooks

3. iMessages are pushed to all your devices – securely encrypted end-to-end


I believe the above 3 points are enough to show how much catch up RIMM has to do.


Apple Inc ($AAPL) : Gap down. More to come.


Yesterday, AAPL gap down to the $315 range with little resistance.

This comes right after its $326 level was broken; $326 was supported 3 times previously. With $326 giving way, $320 offers little support and AAPL fell through with a gap down.