$TSLA . Change in trend

$TSLA change in trend. Kumo twist.


Tesla Motors ($TSLA) run seems to have peak.

On the Ichimoku chart, it shows that $TSLA has retrace from the peak of around $260 and is now trading within the kumo.

Support level is expected at $193.94 while resistance is at around $218.79

The leading kumo has twisted suggesting that a change in trend is imminent.



$TSLA . Below $200. Ready to go higher

TSLA below 200


$TSLA has climb steadily upwards since its IPO.

Currently, it has cleared the Resistance from the Chikou Span at around $193 .

I believe it will be ready to move beyond $200 soon.

After all, $TSLA has not start its international expansion



$BMC . Holding up well. Watch for entry.

Compare to the rest of the market, BMC chart has been holding up very well.

Currently, /ES may be breaking its kumo support soon. However, we can see that BMC is trading at around $40 (above the kumo) and still in bullish territories.

There is a pretty good kumo support at around $38.

Earnings is on May 9. So, my preference is to wait for its earnings and see how it react together with the rest of the market.

I believe, a retrace will provide a good buying opportunity for BMC.