Russell 2000 TA

Sinovac Biotech Ltd (SVA) : Trailing Stop Triggered

My trailing stop for SVA was triggered at 6.79 as I move it higher when it spike up above 6.8+

One of my first mistakes when I started trading was not having protective stops in place. That needs to huge losses.

The habit of having a protective stop has saved me a number of times. The downside is there will be times when the stock I am holding went on to greater heights.

Agriculture Commodities

PowerShares DB Agriculture (DBA)


The PowerShares DB Agriculture (DBA) has a gap up the day US announced that they are buying back US bonds over the next 6 months.

Price level held steady at the gap level and is out of the kumo resistant at around $25.

The volume is above average, however, the price has not move rapidly up. 

This is probably a sign a knee jerk reaction to the weak US dollar rather than increasing demand.

Howver, in the long run, US dollar seems poised to go downwards further with the Fed printing more money.