/CL : Bearish with kumo resistance

If there’s one trade that is worth looking at, it will be Crude Oil. As 2014 closes, crude fell from $115 to around $40 since June. News outlet begin reporting about possible reasons: Price war from OPEC Too much supply in the form of shale oil from US Weak demand A common theme I heard from… Continue reading /CL : Bearish with kumo resistance

MasterCard ($MA) : Bearish Tweezer Top

MasterCard ($MA) has been lagging behind its competitors in many areas in the market. More importantly, in the areas of innovation and new markets, it is now facing competition not just from traditional competitors like VISA but also the likes of PayPal, AliPay etc. The chart shows a bullish run up of MasterCard with good… Continue reading MasterCard ($MA) : Bearish Tweezer Top