$SPX . Doji and bounce off.

Following up on my previous post that an Ascending Triangle is forming. Yesterday’s price action has give us a confirmation that the price level has bounce off the Tenkan sen which is near the trendline of the triangle. On top of that, we have a doji formed. This is a good setup and the next… Continue reading $SPX . Doji and bounce off.

S&500 (SPX) Review as of November 20, 2009

The SPX close with the level cutting the Tenkan sen. As we can see, Tenkan sen has have a very steep rise couple of sessions back. My personal rules is: – if the rise is sharp, then it is time to take profit once it cuts the Tenkan sen On another note, we can see… Continue reading S&500 (SPX) Review as of November 20, 2009