$AAPL . Impact of iPhone (vs $MSFT)

When the iPhone was launched, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer laugh at the price tag, ‘missing entreprise features’, and how it will not gain significant market share.

Here’s the YouTube video to show:

Fast forward to 2011 (and we are already in Q4 2011), let’s just take a look at how MSFT performed over the last few years (from 2007)


3PAR (PAR) : Autonomic Wide Stripping Illustration on YouTube

3Par had a video  on  YouTube that illustrates how their wide stripping works.

Note: A ‘dry’ topic. The intended audience are for those who are involved in infrastructure planning (eg. system administrators, the CIO or CTO who are facing performance,  budget and other areas of constraints).

Nonetheless, a good attempt on 3Par’s part.


3Par : Provisioning Make Easy (YouTube Video)

I thought this video is pretty well done.

For a budget video, I can understand the key message : “3Par makes it easy to allocate storage space.”

Definitely more cost effective than some of the Seinfeld ads that I see Microsoft did.

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